Sophia and Austyn

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Sarah and Jed

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Elijah is new in town!

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A huge congratulations to the Metell family! Little Elijah is the perfect addition to your family! Thank you for letting me share in your joy!

Shanna & Jeffery {Tie the Knot}

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What a beautiful October day it was when these two said I do! The weather was perfect, the leaves were changing, the sun was shining. It was all around stunning, just like this couple! Thank you for waiting so patiently for your preview! Enjoy! 

I’m With Her.

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“Never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it.”

Hillary Clinton

I’m with her. Those words, that phrase, is so much more than a political slogan. When I say “I’m with her” I’m referring to much more than just one person. I’m referring to you, and to her, and her, and her….

I’m with Her.

I’m with the woman whose been called “Mommy” a million times today and is exhausted from a long, stressful day of diapers, tantrums and homework. I’m with the woman who is still working late into the night, clawing her way up the cooperate ladder, bloody and bruised from the climb. I’m with the woman who is sitting, frightened and worried, next to her loved one while she looks on helplessly, as they fight for their life. I’m with the young girl who is huddled in the corner, shaking and terrified as she anticipates the next assault. I’m with the woman who is waiting with bated breath for her husband to return home from war. I’m with the woman who is terrified to be herself, to practice her religion, to live freely in her sexual orientation, for fear of what others may think. I’m with the woman who walks in confidence and holds her head high. I’m with the woman who cowers and lowers her head because she doesn’t yet believe in herself. I’m with the woman whose heart is fluttering as she falls in love for the very first time. I’m with the woman whose heart is breaking because her first love has left her, in a pile of broken pieces, after telling her she wasn’t enough. I’m with the teenager who is finding her voice for the first time, rising up on quivering legs, filling herself with the courage to speak up, even when her voice shakes.

I’m with her.

Those aren’t just words for me; it’s an action. Women, it’s time for us to rise up.

Fight harder.

Speak louder

Support one another.

I’ve stood with women who have no means to provide for their families. I’ve watched them cry over their sick children knowing there is nothing they can do. I’ve held the hands of women who are oppressed and are not free to have a voice, women who long for education and the feeling of empowerment. I’ve seen desolation. I’ve seen heartache.

Today, I say enough is enough. We can be the change the future needs. It’s time to link arms, keep foraging ahead and continue to pave the way that has been laid out before us.

For our daughters, for our sons, for our future; We need to look to the woman next to us and say “I’m with her.”

Leonard Fam

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What a gorgeous fall day it was when we set out to do this family session. We could not have asked for better weather or fall color! Thanks for spending an afternoon with me, Leonard Fam! I hope you enjoy your preview! 

Caleb; Class of 2017

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This guy’s got so much potential and so many talents! Caleb, you’re going to do some amazing and creative things! It’s going to be a blast to watch where the future takes you! Enjoy your preview! 

Meridith; Class of 2017

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This girl is one of a kind! She’s spunky, fun, intelligent, beautiful and I love her like she’s one of my own! Mer, I wish you all the best on your new adventures. I know you’re going to do amazing things! Love you so much! 

One day new…

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This sweet family has welcomed their newest little one into the world! Congrat’s Guzman family on your third little princess…she is perfect!  

The Leonard Family

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Another fun family session! It’s always such a joy hanging out and making new friends during family sessions. Thanks, Leonard family for hanging out and for protecting me from snakes! haha 🙂 Enjoy your photos! 

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