{30 Day Photo Challenge Day 4} Movement

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In our house there is always some type of movement. Rarely is there a time when it’s completely still and quiet. Nine times out of ten the movement involves a fluffy four legged animal. One that purrs, meows, and loves to shred the leather recliner. It could be the one that decides to meow loudly while playing with her favorite toy on the stairs in the middle of the night. (Or any time of day really, she rarely sleeps) Or the one who refuses to leave you alone until she get’s her evening “dinner” promptly at 4 p.m. (She is a senior citizen after all!) Or the one who, God forbid, doesn’t have water in his favorite water bowl and begins to panic until you refill it. (I swear it’s the only time he gets out of bed; lazy) Or lastly, the one who thinks she’s the queen and demands to be carried up 2 flights of stairs while riding in a laundry basket of freshly dried clothes. (Then bites you when you try to take them out to fold them.) Yes, I am subject to all of their demands. (How can I look into their sweet little cat eyes and deny them of anything?) Yes, they all drive me crazy and annoy me daily but they also bring me a lot of joy and happiness. I know my home would not be the cozy home it is without them in it.

What can I say? I love cats, cats are my favorite. Meow.

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  1. what a perfect name! I can just picrute someone standing on their back doorstep calling here Kitty, Kitty , Kitty and then this pitty comes flying around the corner

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