It’s happening… {30 Day Photo Challenge}

It’s happening… {30 Day Photo Challenge} 150 150 Jackie Goudy

I can feel it creeping in…overtaking me slowly, little by little. The feeling of going underwater and not being able to come up for air. The tightness in my chest, and the hole in my soul. It’s happening…The dreaded winter blues. What’s that you say? It’s only October? Then why did Bob Nunnally say it could SNOW this week?? Why???? I can’t take it!! Someone save me!! HEEELLLLPPP MEEEEE!!  (I know, I know a bit dramatic but I can’t help it!)

It seems to start a little earlier each year. I dread the cold. I loathe it. It’s so…cold. That’s right, cold is cold. It makes me achy and sad and lonely and the sun doesn’t shine and I can’t go outside and read books and my tan fades and all the flowers die. It ruins my life. It’s pretty much just terrible. Each Autumn when I should be enjoying all things fall and pumpkin I can’t stop myself from thinking about what is coming.

…Du Du Du dum.



Sooo, In an effort to keep myself occupied and to keep my mind busy I have come up with a 30 Day Photo Challenge! I’m determined to stay positive and see the good in every season this year. That’s right, Winter, I will find something good to say about you!  So here I go! Join me if you would like! I will begin posting photos tomorrow for Day 1. If you’re joining me I would love to see your photos! You can post a link in the comments and share your photos with me! Be Creative and Happy Shooting!

P.S You don’t need to be a photographer or own a DSLR! I love my iPhone camera just as much as the next guy. The best camera is the one you have with you! Just get out there and shoot!