{Photo Challenge Day-1} Something you Love.

{Photo Challenge Day-1} Something you Love. 150 150 Jackie Goudy

I’m posting a day late for my own challenge. I took the picture yesterday but didn’t get the time to blog it. It’s stressing me out a little. I hate to be late!

Anyhow, yesterday wasn’t my best day. I was in a funk, just not feeling it. Anything that could go wrong did. If I picked it up, I dropped it. If I dropped it, it spilled everywhere. When I cleaned up the spill I somehow made a bigger mess by knocking over something else. You know those days. We all have them. To top it off my head was pounding and I was totally stressed out. So to try and find something that I loved yesterday was challenging. (aside from the obvious husband, kids, cats…)

In the midst of my crappy day I received a text from my best friend that read “I’m making you dinner to cheer you up.” I didn’t have to tell her that I was having a bad day; she just knew. She gets me, she knows me. (sometimes better than I know me) I read the text and thought to myself, “I love her”…and there it was; my something I love. I love having a friend in my life who understands me, knows me inside and out and yet still loves me for me. I remember when we met thinking, Oh there you are I have been looking for you! (oh hey, hi) She’s my person. I can honestly say that I have the best best friend ever. We just gel; we don’t argue, we don’t disagree, we don’t talk about each other, I never wake up wondering if she might be mad at me today, or if I said something that may have offended her. There is nothing petty between us. I would fight to the death for her and I know she would do the same for me. I feel so completely blessed to have her in my life. She has swooped in and saved me; she’s my superhero. She’s stood in the trenches with me and had my back. She’s prayed for me when I didn’t want it. She’s held my hand when I’ve made terrible choices. She’s laughed with me and cried with me. She’s picked me up off the floor (literally and metaphorically). She’s been more to me than I could ever deserve. I can honestly say with all my heart that, I love her.

Last night sitting at the dinner table chatting over a delicious meal that she had prepared for me was a reminder of her love for me and how much I cherish the relationship we have together. My wish for all of you is that if you don’t have a Beth in your life that you find one, they really are the best.