The Ilich’s {Say “I do”}
The Ilich’s {Say “I do”} 960 636 Jackie Goudy

What a beautiful day it was to celebrate the love between this couple! It was such a treat to take part in the behind the scenes of this day as two very special people headed…

Mike and Marissa {E-Session}
Mike and Marissa {E-Session} 960 636 Jackie Goudy

LOVE IS IN THE AIR! I have been surrounded by so many people lately who are madly in love and it’s a great place to be! Mike and Marissa (and Chancho) are no exception! Here’s…

Matt & Maria’s E-Session
Matt & Maria’s E-Session 960 636 Jackie Goudy

The countdown to nuptials is underway! I can’t wait to share their big day with them!! It’s going to a beautiful summer wedding! 

The Batchelder’s
The Batchelder’s 960 636 Jackie Goudy

Meet the Batchelder’s! A fun, spunky, and energetic family lead by two amazing parents! When I think of a selflessness I think of this couple! Their children are being raised by exemplary role models of…

3 Months and oh, so adorable!
3 Months and oh, so adorable! 960 636 Jackie Goudy

I love when a couple allows me to be a part of watching their baby grow! This little sweetie just keeps getting more and more adorable. At only 3 months old he can steal your…

Hannah~Class of 2015
Hannah~Class of 2015 960 636 Jackie Goudy

Congratulations, Hannah on your Senior year! I wish you all the best in the upcoming school year and in the future. I just know you’re going to do great things!

Grayson…is new here.
Grayson…is new here. 960 636 Jackie Goudy

There are babies that are cute… and then there is Grayson! I mean, seriously. I knew this baby would be adorable, but I didn’t know he would be THIS adorable! I just couldn’t get enough…

Alan & Kristy {Tie the Knot}
Alan & Kristy {Tie the Knot} 960 636 Jackie Goudy

Hooray for weddings! I love having the opportunity to be with couples sharing in one of the most important moments of their lives! Alan and Kristy were married this past Sunday on an exceptionally beautiful…

Rindy and Family
Rindy and Family 960 636 Jackie Goudy

If you remember a few months ago I held a contest called “The GiveBack Project”. This past Saturday was a sunny, gorgeous March day that couldn’t go to waste so, we had a spur of…

The Crossin Family
The Crossin Family 960 636 Jackie Goudy

I was able to spend some time this morning with this beautiful, growing family. They welcomed, Kathleen, the newest addition to their family a little over a month ago. She’s absolutely adorable and big brother…

One & One
One & One 960 636 Jackie Goudy

…And then they grew into little toddling, scooting, darlings and turned ONE! I’ve been waiting for this session for weeks! These little angels came into the world one year ago and it could not have…

.Stillness. 960 636 Jackie Goudy

We are born fighting; kicking, screaming, crying, moving. Our lives are a constant cycle of the same. Always going at full speed, thinking, planning, plotting, running, go…go…go. Life is chaotic, busy and constant. Silence is…